Well and Pump Maintenance Programs

Peerless Well & Pump knows how important a reliable water source is and knows it’s an ongoing effort to maintain and monitor it. We offer a preventative maintenance program that documents well performance and assures proper operation of well equipment and monitoring controls.

Typical well and pump maintenance would include the following (based on the needs of your system).

  1. Collection and submittal of water quality samples (as needed)
  2. Operation check of:
    1. Each well pump
    2. Each booster pump 
    3. Air charge system 
    4. Float control system
    5. Electrical controls
    6. Static water level 
    7. Pumping water level 
    8. Amperage draw and voltage check of submersible motors
    9. Air to water balance in elevated tank and reservoir 
    10. Heating and ventilating system 
    11. Air release and vacuum breakers 
    12. Inspection of lighting system 
    13. Inspection of general building structure 
    14. Adjustment of packing glands 
    15. Greasing of packing glands 
    16. Insulation check on electrical cable for submersible pumps 
    17. Resistance check on submersible motor windings 
    18. If allowable, valves in pump-station are worked, ie: opened and closed to ensure proper operation in the event they may be needed

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