Clinton, Iowa – American Well #10

What was the Problem?

Clinton is a city in Iowa with over 26,000 people located on the Mississippi River. In 2018 they started to see a decline in the effectiveness of well #10 and needed someone to take a look. The 1,960-foot well was originally constructed in 1946 and had a pump set to 350 feet with 10-inch column pipe and a I-15/16” line shaft. The last time the city pulled the pump for review was 2008.

Inspecting the Pipe

Peerless Well and Pump was asked to pull the pump at Clinton Well #10 in December 2018. Upon inspection of the pipe it was found that a hole had developed due to corrosion. Also due to corrosion much of the pipe was deteriorated along with the bowls of the pump.

Televising the Well

Knowing the age and history behind this well, Peerless knew it would be important to televise the well too and see if there were any issues that needed to be repaired along with the hole in the pipe. Their relationship with parent company Municipal Well & Pump allows them to complete all televising projects in-house.

Televising allowed them to find a corresponding hole where the column pipe hole had developed. The hole in the casing was significant and required repair in order to prevent future well contamination. 

Peerless Well & Pump Fixes the Issues

Peerless had to fix the holes in the pipe and the well. Here is what they accomplished:

  • Installed new epoxy coated 10” column pipe
  • Provided a new Gould’s bowl assembly
  • Worked with trusted subcontractors to repair the well casing with stainless steel swage “patch” pressed into place.


The pipe and well repairs worked and the well went back online in early 2019 and is servicing the City of Clinton with water today.

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